Clocking systems

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SuperTime is South Africa’s leading time and attendance software system. It was written more than 30 years ago, has more than 100,000 end users, and our customers love working with the system, managing the timekeeping of their workforce.

This did not happen automatically. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience which we passionately share with our customers to help managing their most valuable asset, their workforce.

Our call centre is manned with highly skilled personnel, adept in all aspects of time keeping. From installing, service and repairing a variety of clocking machines, to the day to day collection of clocking data, feeding it into SuperTime, producing a variety of reports, throughout to exporting clocking data into the payroll system.

We understand that Time and Attendance management is one of the most important aspects of any business. Often this work has to be done under severe pressure. Employees cannot be kept waiting. Once they have worked for, and earned a salary or wage, they are not prepared to wait for whatever reason. Their pay must be on time every time!

The SuperTime team realize this. We take pride in the fact that we are able to meet this challenge. We do what we do well. Our customers love that. Our growing customer base bears testimony of the claims we make here.

Go ahead, call us, put us to the test and see for yourself what a difference we can make!